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The writing here uses the general scientific perspective to describe or review the basic conditions (grundvilk) of human life, and then comments on current and past political, economic, cultural, and social topics from this perspective.  The author’s view is that most ‘newsletter commentary’ tends to get mired and sorely distracted by ephemeral details (e.g., who said what, who did what, who is wrong, who is right, etc.), and thereby misses more significant and less arguable and contentious points of human commonality that we all can helpfully address in order to increase the general level of human and natural welfare. Being an American, you’ll note that I precess ( a little geological lingo there) on this nationality when I write.

I’m usually a slow, somewhat halting writer and a slow thinker and have other things to do, so – at this point -- I am not able to predict how often I’ll post new material here, or how regularly.  I suspect the writing gestation period between review and commentary pieces will be — in the Substack context — relatively long and relatively irregular.

Brief background:  I’m male and married with two grown offspring (daughters), two young grandkids, have been trained and have worked as a mineral exploration geologist, exploration geochemist, and science and economics teacher, and have graduate training not only in geology, but also in economics and education.  Most of my paying work has been self-employment through a private mineral exploration company that (stubbornly) operated strictly on American soil.

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Basic conditions facing homo sapiens.


Larry Turner

I'm a male geologist, married with two grown daughters, and two grandchildren.